Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT

MIT was established in 1861, its main goal is to promote science, technology, and study which will best benefit the country and the world. The main goal of MIIT is Mens et Manus, MIT has given America many great students, including 85 Nobel Laureates, 58 National Science Medalists, 29 National Technology Medalists, Kofi Annan is also one of these students who has been the former Secretary-General of the United Nations.

MIT University is known for its scientific discoveries and technological advances, including the first chemical synthesis of penicillin, the development of radar, the discovery of quarks, including the invention of magnetic core memory. MIT has enabled the development of digital computers
MIT is currently organized into five separate schools: Architecture and Planning, Engineering, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Management, and Science. Know more about the visit Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Massachusetts Institute of Technology fees for international students

Program Application Deadline Fees
M.B.A Round 1 (1st Oct 2021) ₹58.6 L/Yr
Round 2 (19th Jan 2022) $78,954 /Yr
Round 3 (12th Apr 2022)
M.S Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Fall (15th Dec 2022) ₹58.6 L/Yr
$78,954 /Yr
B.Sc Computer Science and Engineering Fall (5th Jan 2022) ₹38.2 L/Yr
$51,520 /Yr
B.Sc Business Analytics Fall (5th Jan 2022) ₹38.2 L/Yr
$51,520 /Yr
Ph.D Computational Science and Engineering Fall (1st Jan 2022) ₹13.2 L/Yr
$17,800 /Yr
Ph.D Physics Fall (1st Jan 2022) ₹13.2 L/Yr
$17,800 /Yr
Postgraduate Certificate Cybersecurity Fall (29th Dec 2021) ₹2.6 L/Yr
Course Start Date (30th Dec 2021)

Location in Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT is situated on the north shore of the Charles River Basin. The grounds are within 3 miles of two significant interstate expressways and are under 6 miles from Logan International air terminal. The Kendall (or MIT) Station is at a brief stroll from the grounds. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is approximately a brief stroll from downtown Boston, and a 30 brief stroll from Harvard University, which is found simply up the stream from the grounds.  

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